Womens’ Health

womens health buncrana clonmany

We are committed to wellbeing and encourage our patients to be proactive about their own health. We offer well woman clinics to all our female patients which involves two consultations; one with the nurse and one with the doctor.

A comprehensive medical examination and medical investigations are undertaken and advice given on preventative health care and lifestyle. Any issues that emerge are discussed with the patient and managed appropriately.

The following issues are addressed in consultations:

• Full medical history with attention to lifestyle history, family history with identification of risk factors
• Full physical examination including blood pressure, height and weight & breast examination
• Assessment of cardiovascular risk including heart rate and rhythm
• Assessment of Osteoporosis risk (brittle bones)
• Smear test and counselling if appropriate
• Blood tests including blood count, iron levels, ferritin, vitamin B12, kidney and liver function, cholesterol profile, diabetes check, thyroid function, bone profile and Vit D levels.
• ECG – electrical tracing of the heart
• Urinalysis